C64 DTV in English

hello everybody,

C64CHARLEROI is a blog for all the fans of the commodore 64. Charl

This is a « club » for  users of the Commodore 64. We are ten guys, which collects all stuff from the commodore brand, and we try to help people which wants to use again theirs good old commodores.

Once a year we make a commodore party, you will see the picture of these parties on the blog.

Pictures that you will see here are not « cut&copy » from others sites, but brand news pictures of ours commodores machines.

Ours collections are exposed here with C64, Vic 20, SX64, Plus/4, printer plotters, printers, vic relays and a lot of commodore pieces.

There are a lot of help for new users, pictures of rare stuff, mods, DTV mods, etc…

Enjoy yourself…


5 thoughts on “C64 DTV in English

  1. You can try this on EBAY : MARCIEHERDER or MAX ELECTRO SHOP, I know he had a large stock of DTV’s for sale (for about 30€), but I don’t know if he had sold every thing. En het is in het Nederlands, alst u blieft…


  2. There is ONE BRAND NEW DTV on EBAY NOW !!!
    for 35€ : go on ebay belgium, type COMMODORE in the research space and you will found it (in Grobbendonk, in vlanderen, sorry, maar mijn Nederlands is niet zo goed, zo ik stop, I could break your eyes with it 😉 Ibought one some times ago from this guy and he is serious.


  3. I imagine he don’t care about it, It’s a shop, he bought a huge stock of it when it was produced, but he is not interrested of what we make with it…
    The one I bought to him was a PAL V2.


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